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Today about 32 million Americans are age 65 or older, and the growth of the older population is expected to accelerate sharply as the baby boom generation reaches old age. It will become increasingly important to understand how changes in the number of people and other issues affect families and society, yet great uncertainty exists about population projections. The Berkeley Center is a response to the growing demand from government agencies, Congress, and academic researchers for timely, accessible, and practical information as well as basic research. As one of fourteen centers established by the National Institute on Aging, the Berkeley Center forms part of the national infrastructure for developing the relatively new field of the economics and demography of aging.

At the core of CEDA is a group of outstanding mathematical and statistical demographers who apply their skills to a variety of research areas, including biodemography, demographic modeling and forecasting, and intergenerational transfers including fiscal accounting. This central core is enriched by other themes, notably psychological and behavioral economics with applications to survey design and health economics.

The Center contributes to more efficient and better research by

It disseminates research findings by
It supports training of new generations of researchers

CEDA supports both a weekly Brown Bag seminar and an occasional BACPOP conference series during the academic year which serve the dual functions of disseminating research findings by local and visiting researchers and training the younger generation of demographers.