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Seminars & Colloquia

[Brown Bag Seminars | BACPOP Seminars]

Brown Bag Seminar Presentations

The Brown Bag series is an opportunity for the campus demography community to present either works in progress or completed works in an informal setting. The lectures are hosted during the school year every Wednesday at noon in the Demography Conference Room, 2232 Piedmont Ave.

BACPOP Seminar Series

The BACPOP (Bay Area Colloquium in Population) is an occasional seminar series sponsored by the Department of Demography at U.C. Berkeley. Noted demographers and scholars from related fields make up the list of invited speakers to this series, which brings together specialists interested in demography from the entire Bay Area, including Stanford University and U.C. Davis, and beyond. We hold three BACPOP events each academic year, at the Berkeley Faculty Club. These are half-day gatherings, starting with an informal buffet lunch followed by presentations, moderated discussion, and Q&A from attendees.